Little Log Cottage School

Valentine Math Packet

This February/Valentine’s Pack Includes
*Subtraction Word Problems (color, match, and write a number sentences)
*Fact Family Cherry Cupcakes (writing addition and subtraction related fact sentences)
*Valentine Heart Fact Families (writing addition and subtraction related fact sentences))
*Using Pictures To Solve Problems (cut out pictures to show the word problems)
*Valentine Problems (cut out pictures to show the word problems)
*Double Up!  (write addition sentence to show doubles)
*Double Plus One (using doubles to add numbers)
*Congruent Hearts  (color hearts that matches the picture)
*Drawing Congruent Hearts (draw hearts to match the picture)
*Symmetrical Hearts (circling pictures to show symmetry)
*Odd and Even Hearts (cutting out pictures to match up into odd or even rows)
*Counting By Tens (counting and writing how many tens)
*Valentine Shopping (skip counting by tens and then ones to see how much each set of hearts costs)
*How Much Do I Need? (counting coins and circling the right amount of coins)
*Making 25 (counting up coins to show the right combination to make 25 cents.)
*Measure Up (using a heart ruler to estimate and measure school supplies)