Little Log Cottage School

North America ELA Unit

This packet includes 14 vocabulary words with 7 days of activities, past tense verb lessons with over 7 days of lessons, two weeks worth of mentor sentences, 9 different stories with comprehension questions, 9 writing prompts, and 3 days worth of expository writing lessons.  This unit includes lesson plans and many more activities to help your students learn all about North America while getting in all of your other subjects!

Vocabulary Words:

  • mesa
  • buttes
  • peninsula
  • canal
  • gulf
  • delta
  • import
  • export
  • supply
  • demand
  • territory
  • boundaries
  • culture
  • democracy

People of Interest

  • Mayas
  • Nancy Ward
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Susan B. AnthonyThis social studies curriculum was created to use with social studies, reading, writing, and grammar!  It’s 175 pages and should take you 2-3 weeks to complete.We’ve finished up our intro to Geography Unit and are now using this unit as our first continent to study.

    I began by using the vocabulary maps and cards to define the words before completing the activities. The students create their own anchor posters in their reading journals. They use these maps in a 3 ring binder and organize them like a dictionary!

You can read about how we use it in this post!

Here’s what others are saying: “What I love about this North American unit is that it is so versatile. It is easy to put together a week of lessons and tailor it to your students’ level. Virtually no prep necessary!! The variety of activities keeps them engaged and it really reinforces vocabulary’s day geography! Also, it is a great way to work in Social Studies and ELA all in one!”