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Indigenous Settlements of Tennessee

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Indigenous Settlements of Tennessee Research, Guided Questions, Graphic Organizers, Guided Writing, and Vocabulary Activities

Are you looking for a comprehensive resource on prehistoric Tennessee? Do you want to offer a fascinating look into our country’s history? Would you like your kids to write about ancient times in Tennessee? This product meets those needs.

Indigenous Settlements of Tennessee: This meets 4th Grade Social Studies Standards.

This resource will provide teachers, homeschoolers, and tutors a low cost, low prep collection of engaging stories and critical thinking activities. In addition to the stories, there are graphic organizers to help learners organize their information before writing a descriptive essay. This product will teach learners the early history of Tennessee. It will also guide them through descriptive writing and allow some creativity when writing about these early time periods. Best of all, are the open ended questions to really make learners think about how they connect to the reading passages.

Included in this 20 page pack is
-Paleo Indians
-Coats Hines Site
-Think About It Questions
-Pinson Mounds
-Old Stone Fort
-Chucalissa Village
-Graphic Organizers
-Descriptive Writing Instructions
-Vocabulary Activities