Little Log Cottage School

Henry and Mudge Literature Pack

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.26.49 AMDo your students enjoy Henry and Mudge?  Mine do!  They’ll love this packet designed to tie in reading, writing, and math into the world of Henry and Mudge!  The following activities are included:

1.) Retelling the Plot Graphic Organizer

2.) Analyzing Character Graphic Organizer (explanation on how to use text inference)

3.) Character Analysis Writing Page to go along with graphic organizer

4.) Comprehension Check (multiple choice questions, true or false, vocabulary match

5.) Who, What, Where, Why, How? Graphic Organizer.  Students gather facts to describe an event from the story.

6.) Who, What, Where, Why, How Writing.  Students take information and write a summary about the event from the story.

7.) Story Problem Scoot:

Three Digit Addition


8.) Place Value Task Cards: Expanded Form and Base Ten

9.) Respond to Reading Questions: Can be used in small guided reading groups.
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