Little Log Cottage School

First Semester Math Journal Pages Bundle

This math journal resource will give you two-four months of daily interactive independent activities to foster critical thinking and the love of learning during your math block!

These black and white printables are perfect to just print and go or to print on colored paper to create high interest in your student’s journals

These interactive math journal activities  will  spiral through concepts  you have taught during your math block. These activities will allow your students to apply their knowledge of key mathematical concepts.

This is best suited for first grade, but overlaps with concepts from K and 2nd as well.

Skills taught:

dentifying numbers on a ten-frame
making numbers to 12
spatial patterns
number sense
ordering numbers on a number line
ways to make 6, 7, 10, and 9
addition stories
using snap cubes to add
knowing addition facts with 5
measuring with non standard units
understanding tally marks
making a pictograph

count by 10’s to 100
Skip counting
problem solving
tens and ones
place value
Comparing numbers
Using a hundreds chart
using a number line
making 10 to add 9
reading and constructing a pictograph