Little Log Cottage School

Determining Theme

Product Description
  • This packet includes visual aides, activities, writing projects, and more to practice determining theme with fiction, nonfiction, and fairy tales.
    This packet includes:
    anchor posters
    sorting activity cards
    nonfiction reading passage
    comprehension questions
    book suggestions
    graphic organizer
    fairy tale summary activities
    fairy tale letter writing by character point of view

    This is one of those packets I created to use with reading, social studies,and reading! Not only will students practice reading standard RL. 3.2, RL. 4.2, and RL. 5.2 but also social studies standards.

    I wanted something I could use for both my 3rd and 5th grader.

    I began by using the anchor posters to define theme before completing the activities. The students create their own anchor posters in their reading journals. They will use their journals to help them work through the activities in the packet.