Little Log Cottage School

Biography and Research: James Robertson

This packet includes visual aides, activities, writing projects, and more to learn about the past and about James Robertson. Students will also learn how to write a research paper.

This packet includes:
James Robertson Biography
Comprehension Questions
Mapping Activities
Vocabulary Notebooking
Past Tense Sorting
Past Tense Writing
Research Graphic Organizer
Research Writing Paper
Past Tense History Board Game

This is one of those packets I created to use with reading, social studies, writing,and grammar! Not only will students practice grammar standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.1.D but also social studies standards.

We’ve just finished up reading and summarizing about American Indian legends and are now ready to learn about early American settlers. I tied information about James Robertson into this packet so we can do 4 skills at once.

I began by using the anchor posters to define first and second hand accounts before completing the activities. The students create their own anchor posters in their reading journals. They will use their journals to help them work through the activities in the packet.