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Back to School Super Sleuth Vocabulary ELA Unit

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 Are you looking for an exciting unit to begin the school year?  Are you looking for a little more rigor and a little less fluff for your 3rd-5th graders?   Our Vocabulary ELA Back to School Super Sleuth Unit will provide this and so much more.  It contains multi level skills for vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing!

This Unit Contains:

  • 20 Vocabulary Word Cards Color and B&W
  • Vocabulary Map Activity
  • Vocabulary Scoot Color and B&W
  • Noun, Verb, and Adjective Anchor Chart Poster
  • Parts of Speech Sort Activity
  • Syllable Sort Activity
  • Scavenger Hunt Color and B&W
  • 2 Comprehension Stories with questions
  • Vocabulary Cross Word Puzzle
  • Phonics Mystery Word Picture Activity
  • Grammar Mad Lib Activity
  • Reader’s Theater with Higher Order Thinking Questions
  • Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer
  • Narrative Writing Writing Paper
  • 2 Week Lesson Plans
  • Assessment Pages

My teaching partner and I use this complete unit for the first two-three weeks back to school.  This is our complete vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing activities.  We both find this a great way to create excitement for the school year plus teaching and reviewing important beginning of the year skills.  The kids love kicking off the year with the scavenger hunt and then working through the activities during our first month of school.

We created this resource because we felt vocabulary study was overlooked in most curriculum.  Definitions were often forgotten when the week was over, and we knew this was because most vocabulary words were taught in isolation and not used in every day context.  Vocabulary activities needed to be fun and practiced daily by applying it throughout other subject areas.

This unit is mystery themed.  It excites kids to review nouns, verbs, and adjectives while learning new school related vocabulary words.  The stories are fun and exciting.  The mystery theme keeps kids highly motivated and engaged in the activities and lessons.

Skills Covered:

  • high quality oral language
    →demonstrating knowledge of text
    →describing characters
    →understanding point of view
    →identifying main idea
    →determining word meanings from text
    →assess fluency
    →narrative writing
    →identify nouns
    →identify verbs
    →identify adjectives
    →distinguish between long and short vowels
    →identify vowel patterns
    →read up to 5 syllable words

We know how limited teaching time can be, so we created a complete ELA unit that incorporates the vocabulary words.  This saves time and energy when trying to put together the perfect unit.  We wanted to make sure the activities were challenging enough to keep kids interested and to really be excited about starting the school year.  This is what we came up with:

The scavenger hunt activity is the anticipation set of the whole unit.  We knew this would excite kids and introduce them to the theme.  The vocabulary words are all words that have to do with being successful in school.  We aligned those in our mystery themed stories and scenarios.

We wanted multiple ways to practice these vocabulary words.  We also wanted hands on activities to keep the kids moving and engaged through the whole unit.  We also wanted the kids to be held accountable for their learning, so we included recording sheets for each activity.

We also know digital resources take up a lot of ink.  This is why we included both colored and black and white options for the cards and activities.  Parents/Teachers have an option on how they display their lessons.

We were successful in providing enough independent activities to allow us enough time to tackle working with individual kids and taking care of many around the house duties.  We were tired of the “busy” work most beginning of school units contained, so we made sure this unit contained vital skills.

At the end of the unit we conducted the Vocabulary Scoot game and the Mystery Reader’s Theater.  The kids were even excited to write their mystery narrative after all the activities had been completed over the two weeks.

If you choose all of the activities in this unit, you will have close to 3 weeks of Super Sleuth Fun!

Teachers/Parents Who Have Used Our Vocabulary ELA Back to School Super Sleuth Unit Have Said:

“There was a lot to do with this.  It was exciting to have beginning of the year things.” -Terri G.

“Excellent activities to help students internalize vocabulary-especially the mapping activity.”

“My daughter loves the vocabulary Scoot!” -Emily C.











“There was a lot to do with this. It was exciting to have beginning of the year things.” -Terri G

“Excellent activities to help students internalize vocabulary-especially the mapping activity.”

“My daughter loves the vocabulary Scoot!” -Emily C.