Little Log Cottage School

2nd Math Center Journal Pages

This product will give you pages to review and practice daily math skills in an interactive way. These are great to use to foster not only critical thinking skills but the love of math! Great to use during your math block.

These are the first skills reviewed and taught in my first grade classroom. I wanted to create a more active way to for students to become engaged in their math studies. The skills spiral through what is taught in the first 6 weeks and keeping a journal is a great way to go back to review these skills any time though out the year.

These are best suited for beginning of the year first grade, but can be used for older Kindergarteners.
Skills included are:
count by 10’s to 100
Skip counting
problem solving
tens and ones
place value
Comparing numbers
Using a hundreds chart
using a number line
making 10 to add 9
reading and constructing a pictograph