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YES, You Do Have Time To Teach Social Studies!!

This year we are working hard to cover all of the continents in our Social Studies curriculum.  That’s hard to do when you have so many other standards to cover in a year.  In order to get all  we can out of each continent, we’ve integrated the information into vocabulary, reading, grammar, and writing!

Here is what we are learning in Boost It With Vocabulary ELA Unit!



We’ve included detailed lesson plans to help plan your days.  There are three main lessons everyday, with several suggested activities included.   Vocabulary, Reading and Grammar are included in the first week of lessons.  As soon as vocabulary is set, writing workshop is introduced and continued throughout the rest of the unit.  Each lesson gives you the materials you need in advance, instructions on how to guide your students, and activities for independent practice.

On day one, we begin the unit with GEOGRAPHICAL terms, draw them in on a MAP, read about the MAYA CULTURE, and begin to learn about PAST TENSE VERBS!  Detailed lesson plans with many extension activities make this unit extremely effective and easy to use!

We’ve included just about every subject into the lesson plans.  Creating our learning space to feel like a Mayan temple was a must.  The kids painted Mayan masks, learned a few Mayan symbols, and then decorated our dining room/school room like a Mayan palace!


The standards for this unit line up with 3rd-5th grade standards, which makes it a fantastic unit of study for both of my kids.  This is used for our whole social studies, language arts and writing curriculum.



This is the most important area of focus.  There are 7 days of vocabulary activities.  Vocabulary mapping, vocabulary interactive notebook pages, vocabulary games, and an assessment.


This unit has many different activity options for every type of learner.  The mapping activities have become my favorite.  Mapping out the different landforms and resources found in North America becomes another way for kids to relate definitions with the vocabulary.


You can do a lot of research with this unit.  Here are some of the topics we can research:

  1. Grand Mesa of Colorado
  2. White Butte of South Dakota
  3. Mississippi Delta
  4. Exports and Imports of North America
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  6. Nancy Ward
  7. Susan B. Anthony


There are many stories in the unit to help tell a little about each country of North America.

  • Central America: The Mayan Culture
  • The Toy Store Dilemma: A Story of Supply and Demand
  • North America
  • Exporting and Importing in North America
  • America’s Balance of Power
  • Nancy Ward: Beloved Woman
  • Thomas Jefferson: President of the United States
  • Thomas Jefferson: The Father of the Declaration of Independence
  • Susan B. Anthony

We also have a lot of book recommendations to go along with this unit!


There are a lot of different activities for all kinds of learners!  We focus on verb tenses.  Beginning with anchor chart posters, students can use their creativity to make their own, or use the interactive notebook pages.  These have been one of my favorite additions to the curriculum.  There are sorting and scoot games to help reinforce the skill.  Of coarse, we couldn’t leave out a Mad Lib page!


There are a lot of vocabulary cards in these units.  We like the photo boxes to help store and label them all.

I always have a lot of fun with our units, but I must say, this one is my favorite!  This unit gives us over two weeks of activities and lessons to work through, and my kids are learning so much!

If you have any questions about the unit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

I hope you enjoy studying about North America.  It really is a fascinating place to live!


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