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How to Use Scope and Sequence {Resource Guide}

Are you having a little difficulty knowing what you should be teaching when you should be teaching?  This article outlines step by step on how to use your county’s scope and sequence this fall!

Step 1: Google your county’s scope and sequence.  

If you’re like me and can’t find your county’s scope and sequence, google a school district that is close to you.  This is what you’ll be looking for:

  • choose your child’s grade level
  • choose the subject
  • instead of reading the standard (which can be hard to interpret) look at the I Can Statements:

Here’s an example of standards verses I Can Statements:

STEP 2: Start Researching Resources to Help You Teach Those Skills

Once you’ve taken a look at the I Can Statements (and I warn you, there are a lot of them) choose a few units to go along with the skills.  I like to make up my own, but when I don’t have time, I find resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.   There are several ways to find lessons to go with the skills on TpT.  One way is to type in the standard number, another way is to type in the skill by name.


Step 3: Begin Mapping Out Your Units

This of course, will be only a guide, but it will help keep you on track during the year.  I check to see how long I believe each mini unit will take to get through, and then I map it out and save it as a document.

Step 4: Create a Standards Check List

Yes, even if you don’t have to report your grades, it’s important to keep a check list of the skills your children have been taught.  You can set this up as a simple table format, or use a spreadsheet.  I’m a pretty simple girl, so I just use a table and add the skills as I go.  I also write down the lessons that I use to teach the skill.  Why do I keep a check list?  Because I like to see how many times throughout the the year I teach the skill, and I can put a note in to let me know if my child needs to revisit the skill at another date.  This keeps me from letting any skills fall through the cracks and reminds me of the lessons I’ve taught.

Step 5: Start Teaching Those Skills!

After you have everything mapped out, get to teaching!  Be sure to reflect on your lessons at the end of the day and record your skills on your checklist.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in how to use a scope and sequence to plan out your year.  If you’d like to use my Fall Resource Guide, feel free to download it below!

A resource guide to get your skills in this fall!






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