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How to Keep Your Kids Focused and Engaged

Keeping your kids focused and engaged in their school work isn’t an easy feat to accomplish.  However, with a few mindful activities and a little planning on your part, your kids will be begging to do school and wondering what fun activities they will be doing the next day.   Remember, kids aren’t much different than ourselves.  If we’re bored with the way the teaching day goes, chances are our kids are just as bored.  There’s really nothing worse to a teacher than seeing your kids blank out on the lesson they are studying.


School work doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, school should be anticipated!  Here are some strategies to get kids focused and engaged in their lessons.

  • Connect what you’re teaching to real life.  If you’re teaching geography, have kids plan out their own trip.  Include as many games and hands-on practice as possible.

If you’re teaching decimals and fractions, start your own lemonade business and have kids keep track of how much money they’re making and what percentage of their income should go to the business.  Have kids build their own stands by using measurement.


If you’re teaching adjectives, connect it with the season.  Kids can go on a scavenger hunt in the fall and use adjectives to describe what they see, smell, hear, and feel.

  • Use their interests and make it fascinating!  Your child may not be scientifically bent, but you have to teach the skill, right?  Whatever you are teaching, tie it with something they love.  Maybe you have to teach a unit on motion and your child loves art.  How about teach about Leonardo Da Vinci?  Use his parachute sketch and then build it!  Try it out and test mass and gravity.  Tie it into airplanes and construct your own airplanes to see how different designs can affect travel speed.

If you have to teach writing and your kids love animals, have them do a report on their favorite animal or have them write their own fable including their animals.

  • Give kids choices.  Instead of beginning school with book work, set up different stations around the room.  Do they love art?  Set up an art table with different art supplies to create something based off of what they’ve been learning.  Do you have a fun math program on the computer?  Let them choose to begin their day with a math game.  Board games are great choices to begin the day as well.

  • Present information in different ways.  When teaching vocabulary, begin with the vocabulary instruction in isolation.  Read stories with the vocabulary words in them.  Have them play games with the vocabulary words such as memory or charades.  Whatever you can do to use the skill in multiply ways, your kids will be more focused and engaged.

I know these suggestions can be a little more work on our end, but it’s worth it.  If you’d like to save time, we have units already made up and put together for you!  Take a look at the ones below!

Boost It With Vocabulary Intro to Geography Unit

Fall ELA Vocabulary Unit

We’re Nutty for Fall Unit

These are the units we’re doing this month.  What are you doing with your kiddos?

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