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7 Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your House Clean

I know you know the feeling.  The frustration of keeping the house clean enough to keep your crazy life in balance… keep your anxiety level down and your head above water.  You feel like you’ve tried every single strategy to keep the house all together and nothing is working.  You can’t keep a room clean for 5 minutes before your kids and significant other comes in and disrupts your definition of clean.

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Forget basic cleaning.

You can’t even vacuum the floor through the amount of clothes, toys, and unfinished craft projects.

If you could only have someone who could go behind your kids and pick up after them.  Maybe an Alice, or a Hazel?

I’ve been there, too.  In fact, I still have a downslide and find myself in a panic on Friday afternoons after a crazy week.

So before you throw in the towel and give in to the chaos, try these 7 things to gain control of your house.

7 Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your House Clean

  1. Have a morning routine  This is so simple and can make a big impact on your home.  Chose 3-5 tasks you want to do before the rest of the house wakes up.  (Yes, this may mean getting up at 5 a.m.  But believe me!  It’s worth it!)  Here’s mine:
    1. Get up and start laundry.
    2. Make coffee while unloading dish washer or just tidying up kitchen.
    3. Stretch for 10 min.
    4. Drink coffee while checking email and Facebook
    5. Spend time on porch with Bible and coffee.
    6. Reboot the laundry


  1. Do One Load of Laundry Every Day From Start to Finish Why should you do a load of laundry every day?  The reasons are simple:
    1. it’s far easier to do one load every day than to spend a whole day doing nothing but laundry
    2. the pile doesn’t get high which makes your anxiety go down


  1. Start the day with a clean kitchen This may be the hardest task for some of us early birds.  By the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is clean my kitchen.  But I can’t tell you how good it feels to have everything ready for breakfast the next day.  There are 5 parts to cleaning and prepping your kitchen for the next day:
    1. Wash and put away every dishes.
    2. Sweep the floor.
    3. Empty the trash and recycling bin.
    4. Put out a new tea towel.
    5. Set the table for breakfast.

  1. Set Your Phone to do a Pick Up Everyday With the craziness of running a school in my home, by 3:00 pm my house can be a train wreck.  But if I set my phone to go off at 3:00 pm everyday, I can run around my house and do a quick pick up of every room before dinner.  Routines, routines, routines!
  2. Don’t Rest on Sunday I used to try to do a lot of reading and relaxing on Sunday.  It didn’t make me feel ready to go on Monday.  It did the opposite.  So now I do a lot of planning and prep.  What helps me to get ready for the week is to do deep cleaning on Sundays.  Clean out the fridge, wipe down the sink, counters, and tables.  Vacuum every room and mop if necessary.
  3. Prep lunches I used to balk at prepping meals because I felt it took too much time.  But, if I take 30 minutes to prep a bunch of sandwiches and snacks for the week, it cuts down on lunch prep and clean up.  I’m not spending time in the kitchen cleaning up because we only had to grab a sandwich out of the fridge!  Here’s what I have available for lunch and snacks each week:
    1. sandwiches
    2. oranges
    3. yogurt
    4. apples
    5. crackers
  4. Chore Monster I’m always on the hunt of things to get my kids excited about doing chores.  I found an app called Chore Monster.  It has been a game changer in how we run our day.  I assign chores for the kids and add a deadline for each chore.  When the chores are complete, they earn points.  After so many points, the kids earn rewards such as screen time.  I’ve never seen my kids so excited to clean their rooms!

What steps do you take to keep your house clean throughout the week?




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