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20 Must Read Read-Alouds for Kids 9-12

Before I had children, my summers where often spent with a book in hand.  Since I was a classroom teacher, I would have nothing to do over summer break except read, read, read!  But now that I have children, the luxury of reading all day is a distant memory.  But this summer I decided that instead of holing up and reading alone, I would include my kids in my summer reading.  One of the many great things about children growing up is that they can now enjoy many novels I read as a child (and some fantastic new ones)  So, if you can’t beat them by reading alone, how about joining them?  Here are 20 books you should be reading aloud to your children.

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Books to Use With Teaching Standards:

  • Teaching legends this year?  Why not tie it in with a great novel such as Stone Fox by John Rynolds Gardiner?
  • Want an example of a folk story?  Maniac Magee is a funny yet important tale of racism.
  • Want to read and discuss real life problems with your kids?  Read Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.  This is also a great tie into journal writing and writing friendly letters!
  • Learning about the Revolutionary War?  Woods Runner by Gary Paulson is a very detailed read about a teen who’s parents are kidnapped during the Revolutionary War.  This would go great with a social studies unit and should be read and discussed aloud due to it’s dark content about war.
  • More books about wars and tragic happenings are the I Survived Books.
  • Studying about World War 2?  Do it with the help of Duke.
  • Another great historical fiction is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  Read it with your kids!  They will have questions!
  • Learning about the Great Depression and Racial Prejudice?  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry will be a great read for you and your kids.
  • Learning about the 1700’s?  Sign of the Beaver is a wonderful book about the interaction between a settler and a native.

Coming of Age Books:

  • Another great read by Gary Paulson is Hatchet.  Again, parents should be warned that this book should be read and discussed aloud.  This book also has a lot of sensory and figurative language.  This is a great book to help draw your kids into adventure and could be used as an inference lesson!
  • Call It Courage is a great book to pair with Hatchet.  Compare and Contrast, high-level vocabulary, and lot of adventure equals the perfect combo for a read-aloud!
  • Another Newberry Award Winning book for kids on the brink of adolescence: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is a book your kids will want you to keep reading!
  • Needing to find acceptance?  Rules is a book about anyone living with a disability.
  • Another great read for dealing with a disability: Fish in a Tree.
  • Keep your kleenex ready for this read: Bridge to Terabithia.

Books for Reluctant Readers:

  • The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling will have your kids begging to hear more!
  • Want your kids to get excited about vocabulary and language?  Try reading the book Fridle.
  • Keep your kids engaged with the magical book Tuck Everlasting.
  • Get your kids connected with rich vocabulary and nature with My Side of the Mountain.
  • Holes is the perfect read to spark your imagination all the while keeping that comical side of the story.

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