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10 Frugal Teacher/Homeschooler Must-Haves


One of the biggest hurdles a teacher/homeschooler can face is expense.  However, homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive.  Your Kindergartener doesn’t need a fancy curriculum.   You don’t have to buy different curriculum for each child.  There are a lot of things you can utilize to help you save not only money, but your sanity!

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1.) Laminator This is my second most used teacher supply.  I save so much by using it!  In fact, most teachers I know have two!  Here’s how it saves me money.

  • I do a lot of hands-on activities.  Laminating activity cards protects them so I can use them over and over again!

All of our Vocabulary ELA Units have a lot of fun games.  The laminator helps by allowing me to only have to print the resource cards once.  Then I can use them over and over and over again!

  • I also like to make our own posters instead of purchasing them.  When kids make their own learning posters, they are twice as likely to make learning stick!  Then we laminate them before hanging them up on the walls.

2.)  Printer Most of my curriculum is digital.  I use my printer A LOT!  It is critical to have a reliable printer that can do it all!  Black and white, color, scanner, and copier all in one!

3.) HP Insta Ink:  Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I would do without Insta Ink!  This is my #1 teaching must-have!  It is absolutely, without a doubt, critical to have Insta Ink if you are a homeschooler/teacher.  This fabulous program will give you 300 copies of anything (color/black and white) for only $10 a month.  And when you begin to get low on ink, your printer will tell the company that it needs more.  Then voila!  It will “instantly” arrive at your door!  What a time and money saver!!!!

4.) Digital Curriculum  I don’t know many teachers that only use textbooks anymore.  The digital age has taken over and it has brought many joys along with it.  One is the cost effectiveness.  Teaching resources are much cheaper when they are digital.  This allows me print only what I need and to keep my ink and paper waste to a minimum.  Plus, I can alway reprint an activity if it needs to be retaught, or if my younger child is ready to learn it!

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6.) Sheet protectors  I use these all the time with my students.  Anytime I want to use the same worksheet over and over again, I put it in a sheet protector to let my kids write on it with an expo marker.  This works great for calendar notebooks!

7.) Rosen Paper  This has saved me time and time again while we are doing any type of project.  To protect our dining table, I often line the table with Rosen paper.  The kids like this because they can also doodle on it or solve math problems on it.  I like it because if my kids accidentally color off the page, it saves my table from getting marked up.  After school is over, I just roll it up and use it again and again.

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8.) Chart Paper  Chart paper is a very valuable resource for the frugal homeschooler.  A lot of times we will create an anchor chart for our learning.  Then I can either hang up the piece of paper and use as a visual aid, or I can save it again for my next kid.  It’s been a lifesaver in so many scenarios.  I’d say it’s probably my #3 most used teacher must-have.

9.) Individual White Boards  These little jewels can really save on writing paper.  I use them for just about everything!  Math problems, spelling activities, language arts activities.  Just about anything you can think of!

10.) Library Card  Use your library.  Almost all of our reading curriculum is free from the library!  There are many, many books for almost every reading level.  Nonfiction books help tie in social studies and science.

It’s our duty as teachers/homeschoolers to use our resources the best way possible.  Saving money on curriculum and school supplies is very simple to do.  It can also teach our children to be frugal spenders as well.

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