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Incredible Elementary Learning Resources

This year’s Build Your Own Bundle has some incredible resources for elementary grades.  If you have children grades 3rd and up, I’m going to highlight what has caught my eye!  Make sure you take a look at these!

I have a fifth grader this year, and curriculum gets a little tougher to choose.  I’ve gone through the whole Build Your Bundle sale, and chose what I believe would be a good fit for our family.

My Favorites:

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Now, here is how you can get a lot more and REALLY save!  You can create 2 Premium Bundles for $80 and then create a 3rd one for FREE!!!  With the Build Your Bundle discount, you save over $300!!!


You can also get bundles already made up for you!  Here’s where the above products are pre-bundled in case you believe these to be better options.

A Journey Through Learning Bundle = $24.95

  • The Civil War Lapbook with Study Guide
  • American Indians Lapbook with Study Guide
  • Louisiana Purchase Lapbook with Study Guide
  • North America Lapbook with Study Guide
  • Rainforest Lapbook with Study Guide

Elementary Bundle #2 = $39.95

  • 15-Minute Music Lessons Online Course
  • Dora and Diego Homeschool Spanish Level 1: 1st-5th Grade
  • Spelling Workbook Level 1 & 2

Elementary Bundle #3 = $39.95

  • 6 Months Access to America’s Math Teacher
  • Creative and Crafty Writing Set

Elementary Bundle #4 = 39.95

  • Spelling Workbook Level 3 & 4
  • A House Divided: The American Civil War

Ellen McHenry Bundle = $29.95

  • Mapping the World Through Art

Thematic Bundle = 9.95

  • Vocabulary ELA Unit Sets
  • Welcome to Mooville Adventures in Writing

Brother and Sister Bundle =$14.95

  • Girls of American History