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{2nd-3rd Grade} Book List to Go With Your Curriculum

When I was teaching in public schools, I didn’t have a choice on what curriculum I used.  I had to use what the county provided for us.  No fun thematic units or unit studies.  Every day I had to pull out my teacher’s manual and read exactly what the book told me to read.

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Now that I’m out of the traditional classroom  I’m thrilled to be able to use thematic units!  In fact, that was the stipulation when I began homeschooling: I got to piece together my own thematic units.  We do thematic units at least once a month, and my kids get so very excited about it!

98% of what I use for my children is digital.  Digital resources are really the way to go when you are teaching thematically.  You have so many more options and the cost of homeschooling becomes very minimal.

When I first began homeschooling, I didn’t like to buy digital products.  Because I was so accustomed to using teacher guides and workbooks in the traditional classroom, I felt if I didn’t have a printed book the content wasn’t valuable.  The more digital resources I used, the more digital products I bought, the more I was hooked on digital resources!  They have been the key components in holding the units together.

And now, the Build Your Bundle sale has a thematic bundle all ready for you!  If you’re planning on using any of the thematic products from the Build Your Bundle Sale, I have compiled a book list for you!

Learn all about the States and Capitals with the Ultimate U.S. Geography Bundle

Get Reading and Science in with the Super Sequence Activity Pack



Ancient History Mini Pack Quiz Set

Volatile Volcanoes Download and Go


The Build Your Bundle Sale has begun!  This sale will only last until May 30th.  In order to get the most bang for your buck, the sale will allow you to buy two bundles and get one free!


However, if you are only interested in the thematic bundle, you will find over 14 resources to use for reading, science, history, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and math!

Thematic Units Bundle - Save 96% - ONLY $9.95!



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