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Pleasure-Seeking Parenting: Labor-Saving Lunches

Take a Break

After your morning indulges, it’s time for your second task of the day: feeding the monkeys.  Planning out lunches is part of a parent’s job. Meal prep for some parents can have them in the kitchen 24 hours a day.  But not for the Pleasure-Seeking Parent. There’s no excuse to go out to lunch with children in tow.  Think of the stress of getting your children dressed and in the car.  And the car seats!  Please!  Then the picky eaters.  You know the ones.  These are the kids who can’t make up their minds at the drive through.  They can manipulate any parent into ordering the kid meal with the ice cream.  This leads you to nibbling half-eaten chicken nuggets and fries off your kids’ plate.  The extra pounds and expenses are not flattering in any way.

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What’s Going On In Your Kitchen?

Behind the champaign and oj, there could be the beginnings of many, many science projects.  If it starts to get funky in your fridge, pay your children to clean it out.  It’s well worth the dough.  In the meantime, make sure your kitchen is well stocked with these low-prep lunch essentials:

  • packaged tuna (the canned kind is too hard for your children to open by themselves)
  • lunchmeat
  • every form of cheese: sticks, cubes, slices, ect…
  • chocolate (HIDE THIS!  This is only for emergency bribing and for you to eat during mommy time)
  • fruit (the kind you don’t have to cut or peel- precut packaged kind is best)
  • cookies (store bought, of coarse!)  These are used to bribe kids to clean up kitchen after their lunch
  • juice boxes
  • frozen dinners, for emergencies

Are you following along with our Pleasure-Seeking Parenting series? Be sure to chime in and let us know your tips on being a Pleasure-Seeking Parent. Be sure to use #pleasureseekingparenting if you post pics of your kiddos in action.

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