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7 Tips To Sneak Valentine’s Day Into Your Lessons

I’m a firm believer in throwing fun into your lessons.  And when a holiday rolls around, that’s even more reason to make sure lessons have a hint of the season; no matter what grade you’re teaching.

And that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do today!  🙂

I began planning out my lessons a month before Valentine’s day to ensure I’d have plenty of time to prep!  And anytime you plan to add holiday sparkle, you’ll need plenty of time to print, create, laminate, and cut out anything you may need for your lessons.

I have a wonderful list of holiday lesson ideas to sneak into your school day.  I want to share with you some thoughts and tips on why these will work great in my classroom. (and why they’ll work great in yours!) 

Valentine Math

*Adding Fluency* *Multiplication Practice*

I got this idea from Nurture Store.  I just tweaked it a bit to fit the needs of my kids.

My second graders are needing to get better at their addition fluency.  We are heading into double digit addition with regrouping, and fact fluency is a must!

My fourth graders need more multiplication fluency.  These little hearts help practice arrays and facts.

For my Kindergarten and First Graders, this Valentine Math Practice is just what the doctor ordered!  The packet has lots of coloring, cut and paste, and word problems to get them into the Valentine spirit!

You know those little conversation hearts?  They are PERFECT for math lessons.  Read this post to find out different ways to use them!


My next subject to integrate into Valentine’s Day is READING!

Read this post on MANY ways to include Valentine’s Day into your lessons.  Finding the main idea of a story, sight words, and MORE!


Let’s be sure to get some writing in everyday!  Writing about our friends is a great Valentine’s theme AND word cards are great to have hanging up for a Valentine writing station.



And then?  Crafts of coarse!  So, I’m not a crafty mama.  I loathe crafts.  I loathe the mess.  It’s really not my thing.  But….. my kids like crafts.  So, we do them.

My kids LOVE to finger paint, and this craft was simple and not TOO messy.  These were great little Valentine cards for Little Red’s friends!

I have a lot more Valentine ideas on my Pinterest board!  There are many Freebies and STEM projects!  If only Valentine’s Day was a wee bit longer, we could fit them ALL in!








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