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Biography and Research: James Robertson

Each time I begin to create a new resource, I check the state standards to see what my kids need to learn.  Because I have a passion for history, that’s usually where I go when I’m ready to get creative.

So, today I want to share my latest #readingthroughsocialstudies pack with you because my kids and I had a lot of fun with it!

Reading and Social Studies: Comprehension Skills

In second grade, my Little Pixie is supposed to research the life of someone like James Robertson.  When I googled activities to go along with James Robertson, I found none.  This felt like the perfect opportunity to create a pack for this man we knew nothing about!

If you read my post about thematic teaching, you know I try to combine multiple subjects into one theme.  This pack it no different.  I went about researching about James Robertson, making sure I was including the most interesting, exciting facts.

Because we live in Tennessee, and Mr. Robertson traveled here from North Carolina, I wanted to make sure my kids knew the two states were neighbors.  Plus, being the leader of the Watauga River settlement, I also wanted my kids to know where this was located on a map.  That is why I decided to combine a mapping activity along with their comprehension questions.

Reading and Social Studies: Vocabulary

When writing out the biography on James Robertson, it occurred to me that my fourth grader didn’t know a thing about him either.  I grew excited at the prospect that yes, my fourth grader could do this packet, too!  I could teach both children at once!!!

Because there were some words I knew my second grader wouldn’t know, I included vocabulary notebooking activities as well.  My fourth grader completed the reading passage actives and the vocabulary on her own.  With my Little Pixie, we read the story, answered the questions, completed the mapping activities, and began to work on the vocabulary together.

Grammar: Past Tense Verbs

I didn’t want to leave grammar out of this pack.  When looking at the state standards for second grade, I realized I hadn’t taught past tense verbs.  I included a couple of practice sheets for this skill.  To make sure this was tying into the theme, I wrote verbs and sentences that went along with the James Robertson story.

I wanted two different ways to practice the skill, so I created a cut and paste to see if she really knew the difference between past and present.  Then I wanted to see if she’d be able to write a verb in the past tense form.

Social Studies and Writing: Journal and Research

In this lesson, the kids are supposed to research and write a paper.  I chose to include a journal activity to see if they really understood the trials of being a pioneer.  My little girls love to watch Little House on the Prairie and to play “pioneers”, but I don’t think they understood the hardships the pioneers faced.

To begin the research project, I included a graphic organizer to help them organize their information before beginning the writing.  Again, my fourth grader did this all on her own, while I am slowly working with my second grader on this.

Social Studies and Grammar: Review Game

Finally, I added a fun board game to this packet.  My kids love to play games, so ended this unit with a review board game.  Now, how did this packet go over with not only my kids but with others?  Here’s what they are saying!

“This pack has saved the day over the past few days!  Both boys can work on it at their own pace and we are covering all sorts of important skills while working through it!”

Yay!  I love it when history is combined with other subjects.  It makes learning and teaching so much more efficient!

Want to get started on this packet?  Click the link below to download this handy dandy resource!

Biography and Research: James Robertson


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