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Pleasure-Seeking Parenting: Morning Routine

After your little bundles of joy emerge from their cocoons of their room, you will need to assume the role of Commander in Chief.  One of your tasks during your morning hours of bliss is to flitter around your home looking for war zones.  A basket of laundry needs to be folded?  The dishwasher needs unloaded?  What about those piles of toys on the stairs?  Yikes!  Because you can’t have your cleaning lady at your house every day, a routine board will help get your house back on track so you can get back to doing what you do best: spending hours pinning home improvement ideas off of Pinterest.

Prime Your Soldiers:  

If time allows, spend time cuddling with your children when it’s time for them to come out of their rooms.  Be sure to hold your breath or turn your head away when they are speaking to you.  Toxic fumes will plummet out of their mouths first thing in the morning if they have yet to brush their teeth..  A Pleasure-Seeking Parent will not want to have their pleasant mornings doused with this kind of abhorring fragrance. Be sure to write, “Brush Teeth” on the routine board before they come to cuddle with you.

If time doesn’t allow, have your children sit on you lap as you continue to surf Pinterest.  This is called multi-tasking and parents are really good at this.  You’ll need to wrap your arms around your child in order to get both hands on the key board.  If your child is chatty, nod your head continually and murmur….”Hmmmm… That’s interesting,” and “I love that!” as you continue to find exactly what you need for your latest bathroom remodel.

Outline the Mission:

Now that your children are well primed with your parental love and attention (uhum) it’s time to give them their marching orders:  They say responsibly will help kids to become better citizens, so I say the more responsibilities you can give them the better!  Alternate simple and more challenging work to keep up your child’s strength.  List chores on the board you hate doing which is pretty much all of them.

*Parent Tip*

Having a hard time convincing your little one to sweep the floor or the chimney?  Have them dress up and pretend to be Cinderella.  Works every time.

(photo courtesy of my fabulous friend, Jenn Welch)

Got Big Kids?  Then you need to bring out the big guns!  Technology was invented to be used by parents.  So use it!  iPads, iPhones, tv, computers, whatever your child is addicted to can only be used when the chores are completed on the routine board.

Mission Complete:

After the children have completed every task on the routine board, it’s time to celebrate!  Call your friends and let them know your house is company ready.  Invite them over for mimosas and chit and chat.  Are you an introvert?  Text your friends and post on Instagram and Facebook about how clean your house is while you sip mimosas in your yoga pants and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls.  Life is about living and the Pleasure-Seeking Parent knows exactly how to do that.

Are you following along with our Pleasure-Seeking Parenting series? Be sure to chime in and let us know your tips on being a Pleasure-Seeking Parent. Be sure to use #pleasureseekingparenting if you post pics of your kiddos in action.

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