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Pleasure-Seeking Parenting: Good Morning Sunshine!

Sleeping in or slipping out, transform your mornings into peaceful hours of sensational bliss!

Whether you like to spend your mornings in bed or on the yoga mat, mornings are key to a Pleasure-Seeking Parent.  There’s nothing worse than being awakened by a little person in Elsa or Thomas the Train pajamas.  But rest assured, you have a plan in place to help you get what you want out of your mornings.

Your kids may wake up crying and hungry, but don’t fall for this manipulation.  Play your children like pawns in a chess game.  Get ready for your first move of the day.

*Parent Tip*

Put bowls and cereal out on the table before going to bed.  This way your kids don’t bother you about breakfast.  No parent has time for that.

Have a kid still in a crib?  Sneak into their room (they can’t sleep in the same room as you) and place books and toys into their crib before you go to bed.  When they wake up they’ll have something to entertain them while you sleep or catch up on your latest Southern Living Magazine.

Pleasure-Seeking Parent

Strategic Move #1

Teach your children how to read a clock.  Have a clock in their room and warn them about the dangers of coming out of their room before 7:00 am. (or 8 or 9 am depending on how long you want to sleep) Spankings and groundings may work well for most parents, but Pleasure-Seeking Parents play the big card: SANTA.  Santa doesn’t visit naughty children who come out of their rooms before the appointed time.

When they do emerge from their rooms, have the tv already set to PBS Kids.  Train your children to entertain themselves with educational cartoons while you sleep, groom, or pamper yourself.  Your children will learn so much during this time and you’ll win mother of the year!  “Listen to how smart her children are!”  You’ll hear friends, neighbors, and anyone who will listen exclaim in wonder as your children tell them all about what they’ve learned from “Wild Krats” and “Janet’s Planet.”


You’ll hear most experts say a hot breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this advice is not speaking to the Pleasure-Seeking Parent.  Kids usually don’t eat what their parents make which causes anger and stress in parents.  The kitchen becomes a mess of crusted pots and pans, half-eaten plates of eggs, and spilled milk and juice all over the kitchen table.  This is NOT how Pleasure-Seeking Parents begin their day.  Save special breakfasts for when Grandma visits.  After all, she is a better pancake maker then you, and it will make her feel more loved and appreciated when your children tell her the only time they get a good breakfast is when she makes it for them.

Are you following along with our Pleasure-Seeking Parenting series?  Be sure to chime in and let us know your tips on being a Pleasure-Seeking Parent.  Be sure to use #pleasureseekingparenting if you post pics of your kiddos in action.

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