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6 Winter STEM Projects to Inspire Creativity

Now that the attic is full of our Christmas decorations (unless you’re like me and still have your tree up!), it’s time to take on Winter!  We’re not planning a trip to the Klondike, but I am planning on a lot of fun Winter STEM projects.  This will help keep things adventurous around here.   These lessons will not only get us through the dreary days of winter but will also encourage critical thinking, and will also meet a lot of our mathematic skills.

I do want to begin this post by admitting my fear of STEM projects.  Can you relate?  If so, I encourage you to take a little time to research and explore these STEM projects.  Don’t be afraid  to jump in!  So, make yourself a cup of tea, get out a notebook and pen, and take a moment to plan out one or all of these STEM projects this winter.

Kindergarten Winter STEM

Pattern Block Snowflakes

original pin by A Place Called Kindergarten

Why I like this activity:

  • Fun activity to teach and recognize two dimensional shapes.  This can be a whole math lesson.  For example: Introduce all of the two dimensional shapes before beginning this project.
  • Teaches symmetry
  • Fun!  This also doubles as a craft!

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Build A Snowflake

original pin from Fun-A-Day

Why I like this activity:

  • Identifies three dimensional shapes
  • Builds three dimensional shapes
  • Fun craft to explore symmetry

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K-2nd Grade

Dens for Winter Animals

(original pin from Fun-A-Day)

Why I like this activity:

  • If you’re planning a winter animal unit to explore animal adaptation, this would be a fun engineering activity

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For All Ages

Geoboard Snowflake STEM

(original pin from FrugalFun4Boys)

Why I like this activity:

  • The kids are allowing creativity to design shapes
  • They are understanding symmetry as they design their snowflakes
  • Geoboards are fun!

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3rd Grade and Up

Snowflake STEM

( see original pin HERE)

Why I like this activity: 

  • kids are investigating a concept: design vs. falling speed
  • recording of results and comparing different designs
  • critical thinking skills are used
  • it’s highly motivating and creative

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Project Based STEM for the Winter

(original pin from TechCrazyTeacher)

Why I like this activity: 

  • kids are creating models to test a concept
  • recording of experiment and comparing other designs
  • researching of roof designs
  • ummm…. this just looks FUN!

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