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Simple Advent Activity for Christmas

Last week in Sunday school, my oldest daughter came home full of Christmas joy.  She had learned the story of Advent.  Since that day, we have begun the tradition of lighting the Advent candles in our home.


Advent means “arrival”.  We are awaiting the arrival of Christ!  Christians are busy this time of year preparing for the arrival of Christmas. Because of all the Christmas programs, concerts, and parties, Christmas can be very busy.  Unlike most Advent activities, this one is only done once a week instead of once a day.


My daughter cut branches from our neighbor’s yard (with permission of coarse!)

With 5 small tea light candles, she placed them in the middle of her holly branches.  On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we lit the first candle and read a devotional.  On the following Sunday, we will light the same candle and the next candle.  This continues until Christmas day when we will light the 5th candle along with the others.

  • The first candle to be lit signifies HOPE.  We have HOPE that God is faithful and will fulfill his promise to us.  A verse of scripture to be read at this time is Romans 15:12-13.
  • The second candle represents PREPARATION.  We are preparing for God’s promise to be fulfilled which he did by the birth of Jesus.  Scripture to be read: Luke 3:4-6
  • The third candle is JOY.  The people of Christ received the news of JOY! Luke 2:7-15
  • The fourth candle is LOVE.  God’s love for us is evident in sending his only son to us. Luke 2:10b-11
  • And the fifth candle of Christmas is usually purple.  This is the Christ candle and will be lit on Christmas Day.  John 1:29


This is a simple, meaningful Christmas activity to do with your family.  We like to read a Christmas devotional after the lighting, or sing a Christmas hymn.  This activity has really made Christmas more about Christ for my 10 year old.  She now understands the meaning of “Advent” and is excited about the birth of Christ, and not just about presents on Christmas morning.

This arrangement sits on top of our mantle in anticipation for the beginning of each new week.  Do you have an Advent activity to do with your family?

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