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Christmas Themed Phonics and Spelling

With the Thanksgiving leftovers still in the fridge, I begin thinking about Christmas.  No, not getting out the Christmas tree and the wreaths, but putting together Christmas themed lessons.  My Little Pixie is getting ready to study vowel team patterns.  I came up with a few activities to go along with this skill.  I also tied in her favorite ballet, The Nutcracker.

Nutcracker Themed Phonics Lessons

My Little Pixie is a hands-on learner.  I wrote a poem to correlate with our story.   After reading the Nutcracker, she will read the poem and look for words with certain vowel patterns.  These are very important skills for 2nd grade.  Since we love using highlighters, she’ll highlight the word patterns in different colors.  On another day, she’ll sort words from the poem based on their vowel sounds.  My hope is she’ll begin seeing and understanding the way the words sound and how they correspond to each other.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in this activity.

The poem.


While writing this poem, I tried to include just the highlights of the story.  Summarizing the story would be a good activity, since it’s a second grade standard.  Highlighting the words in different highlighters will help your child see the words that have the same vowel sound.  Another good activity would be to take the same colored words and sort them by the way they are spelled.

After highlighting the words, your child can then sort them by sound.


This makes it way more fun than just writing them down.  However, I do encourage your child to write down the word sort after they do it with the sorting cards.  The more ways you do a lesson, the better the chance it will stick!

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