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Election Day Treats

During my sophomore year of high school, I took Government only as a requirement.  My teacher, who like most of my high school teachers, didn’t ignite my desire to care one iota about our government.

It’s miraculous how life can give you second chances.  When asked to teach a Civics class this year I thought,”Yuck!  Civics?  How am I going to do that?”

Thanks to my teaching background, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, a little more maturity and a need to make government fun, I now have a heightened interest in how our government works.  Especially our election process. And because I’m beginning to become more excited about the election season, my kids are too.

Election day is a special day for all Americans.  Celebrating should be happening everywhere.  Our children need to see living in America as a privilege.


Because food is a popular way to celebrate an event, we’re going to be eating Election Day treats after voting.  Here are some suggestions for your Election Day celebration.




  • While you’re watching the election results, sit down with some festive popcorn.



  • Before heading to the store, check out this post on 15 Super Delicious Party Food Ideas.
  • Super Healthy Kids has a really cute idea for Patriotic Party Dip.
  • By the time election night is over, you’ll need some fun Trail Mix to liven up the party!  Head over to Sprinkle Some Fun for the recipe!


  • I love Cute Foods For Kids.  When in need, read this post full of party food ideas for the election.
  • Hungry Happenings also has THESE!!!





While you’re here, check out my Grace For President and Election/Civics Scoot Game!


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