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Friendly Letter Writing With a Thanksgiving Twist

I’m all about sprinkling holiday flavor into our writing lessons.

I’m also all about adding to our family and classroom traditions.

My kids are pretty much just like me.  They love to do the same things for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  I’m pretty sure my oldest will still want me to dress up as Viola Swamp for Halloween even when she’s thirty.

Holidays and traditions are what keep families together.  This is why I’m always searching for more holiday themed lessons.

This year, for the month of November, we’ll be beginning each morning with writing a letter of thanks to our family members.

I mean, we all need more gratitude in our lives, right?


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Skills covered:

  • Various Language Skills: when to use capital letters, punctuation, proper and common nouns, possessive nouns
  • Spelling

I found this idea in one of my old Mailbox magazines.

I used what we had on hand, which was white paper bags.  These bags are each family member’s “mailbox.”  Everyone in the family designed their own mailbox.  I encouraged the kids to draw or color pictures related to Thanksgiving.


We’ve done some kind of Thanksgiving project for the last couple of years, but thought we’d try our hand (See above picture.  Ha ha) at playing post office with the idea of using individual mailboxes.  Doesn’t everyone love to get letters in the mail?

With Thanksgiving only 3 short weeks away, I thought this would be a fun, yet rewarding project for the whole family.

Kids are really creative when it comes to drawing and decorating, but you could also print out Thanksgiving coloring pages to color for your mailboxes.


I cut out and glued on the images to create my mailbox.  I made sure to find pictures that resembled my kids.

When we started to write out letters, my kids used fun stationary from Christmas to write their letters.

Oh, what a memorable project!  Letters I can keep forever!


This was not a project kids moaned about doing every morning.  They loved it!
They literally couldn’t wait to begin on these each morning.

We worked on our letters about 2 days a week until Thanksgiving.

Of coarse you could always do more or less.  It just depends on your schedule and how many times a week your kids want to do it.

These letters added to the friendly, grateful atmosphere associated with this time of year.

And I love that they are keepsakes I can treasure forever.


What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving projects and traditions for this time of year?

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2 thoughts on “Friendly Letter Writing With a Thanksgiving Twist

  1. shelley

    I love that you’re teaching kids to write letters! I wonder if years from now we’re going to have a whole generation of people who don’t have letters from loved ones to re-read and treasure. I certainly hope that won’t be the case.