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Civics Lessons with a Freebie

Are you teaching Civics this year?  It’s a great year to do it.  Election year can be a great intro for your middle school aged kids.


I’ll be honest.  Civics is out of my comfort zone.  It’s not something I had ever or taught, or had ever enjoyed learning about.  Plus, I was going to be teaching at a brand new tutorial.  My biggest challenge was finding the right lessons to make learning how our government works a fun and exciting process.


So far, the class is going swell.  I have an election resource I purchased from Amanda Bennett and a few others  purchased from TpT.   I use these more as a guide and then try to come up with hands on activities or games for the kids to play in class.

For homework last week, I asked the kids to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution.  Along with the assignment, the kids had a choice of creating their own Preamble to their family constitution, or to illustrate the Constitution as a children’s book.  (Check out this post for a great Constitution activity!)



I read this book to the class before assigning the children’s book assignment.  This gave them a great example on how to illustrate their own book.


I love using scoot games with the kids!  It’s a great way to assess where they are without them feeling like they are doing another worksheet.  You can grab this game for FREE here.  I used this with my kiddos last week.  After the game we went over the answers so they could see  which content they needed to study at home.  Want more Social Studies activities?  Be sure to check out my store to see Indigenous Settlements, Chickasaw Indians, and Thomas Jefferson!



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