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Place Value Teaching Ideas

Teaching math to young learners can be fun and creative!  Making math time interactive is very important.  This will keep kids engaged and excited about the subject of math!  At the beginning of the year I begin teaching place value to my Second Graders.

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What is Place Value?

“Place value is the value of where the digit is in a number.”

Teaching place value helps children understand the meaning of a number.  Place value is one of the key concepts in understanding how numbers work.  It is the foundation of numbers and will follow kids as they continue through their math journey.  Here are some fun ways to teach this concept.

Literature Books

I really like to start out any new unit with a literature book.  Here are some great books to go along with place value:

Place Value


Hands-On Activity

I always try to find at least one hands-on activity when teaching math concepts.  This idea came from Amy Lemons in Step Into Second Grade.  Use food as your place value manipulatives. Then have kids write the number into expanded form.

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Interactive Journal Pages

I wanted to create engaging ways kids could work with their math journals.  Within this resource students will work on the following concepts:

  • count by 10’s to 100 (skip counting
  • problem solving
  • tens and ones
  • place value
  • comparing numbers
  • using a hundreds chart
  • using a number line
  • reading and understanding a pictograph

2nd Math Center Journal Pages

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teaching math 3

teaching math 6

This packet is geared for ages K-2nd.  It’s a great introductory to Kindergarten, right in line with 1st graders, but also a fantastic review for 2nd grade.

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Using manipulatives along with the math journal pages doubles the hands-on aspect of math.  This is a fun, effective way to teach math skills.

I hope this makes teaching place value more fun and effective!

Other math resources available:

1st 6 Weeks Math Journal Pages

The 1st and 2nd Math Journal Pages Bundle

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