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6 Must Have Homeschooling Teaching Supplies

Don’t you just love the new smell of a a box of crayons or a new sharpened pencil?  Back to School supplies thrill me to no end!  I could spend all day in a teacher store oohing and aahing over all of the supplies I could use with my kiddos.  My school supply tastes have changed over the years.  Today I’m going to reveal my top Must Have Homeschooling Teacher Supplies.

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Must have teaching supplies for the homeschooling teacher.

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Writing Utensils

Only the best writing utensils will set the writing mood for your children.  In the last 4 years of homeschooling I’ve discovered not only what I love, but what my kids love as well.

The most requested pencil from all of my kids are the presharpened Ticonderoga Pencils.  I never really knew what the fuss was with these pencils until I had a parent donate a whole bunch to our class.  These pencils sharpen nicely and hold up so much better than other brands.  Plus they also have those nice My First Ticonderoga Pencils that are bigger and just perfect for kids needing to work on their pencil grip.  The whole cottage school fights over these pencils.  Even my 4th graders!

Want your kids to write more?  Try Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers!  I was even giddy when I first tried these.  I wanted to write up dozens of anchor charts just so I could smell the fruity smell of these markers.  I’ve still had the same set for two years now!  (I only use mine sparingly.)

I let my kids use them as a reward, and I let my tutoring student use them during our lessons.  It really entices her to write!

Office Supplies



I don’t think I could do school without a laminator.  I’m actually tempted to buy another one so I could have two going at the same time!  I’ve had so much success with the Scotch laminator that I don’t think I’d buy a different brand.

Insta Ink


This is my new best friend!  I wish I would have signed up for this sooner!  I make tons of copies throughout the year and I really like color copies!  The Insta Ink program allows you to print 300 colored copies a month for only $10!  The added bonus is your printer will communicate with the program to let it know when you need new ink and they’ll ship it to your door before you run out!  You must have a HP Insta Ink printer for this to work.  Amazon has a great deal on the one I purchased.

Teaching Tools


Pocket Chart

pocket chart

I love using pocket charts for many reasons.  I love it for displaying words in my writing center, interactive lessons for my poetry center, vocabulary center, grammar center and more!

Chart Paper

I am constantly displaying anchor charts or making thinking maps with my kids.  Chart paper is a MUST in my homeschool.  I hang it up on my podium and then write away.  Since it’s like a big notebook, I can easily flip back to a previous lesson for a quick review!

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