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Organize Your Homeschool: File Folder Games

For the next several weeks I’m going to be talking about how to organize your homeschool.  Today I want to share my file folder game organization.

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Organizing your file folder games may be simple or overwhelming.  Because I homeschool 3 + grade levels I have tons of file folder games and need a better organizational strategy.  We use file folder games every morning as we wake up and wait for our lessons to begin.  It’s the perfect way to practice skills in a short amount of time.  Plus, it’s fun!  Because I have so many and we use them daily, I need a way to have them readily available.

Here’s how I’m going to organize our file folder games this year.

1. Separate The Games You Already Own.  If you have a lot of file folder games this may take you awhile.  My file folder games were all stacked in on top of each other in a drawer.  In fact I had so many the drawer wasn’t closing!  Not very efficient or organized to say the least!

2. Create a System.  Not all of my kids will play the same games.  Instead of piling them all up in a drawer together, I separated them by subjects and grade levels.  Then I put them into separate magazine holders and labeled them.

3. Differentiated Organizing Now my games are organized by grade and subject I can create individual student holders.  I labeled each magazine holder with a child’s name.  Then I placed several games in their holder for them to play.  When they are finished with their work, they will go to their holder to see what games to play.

4. Magazine Holders  I love using these for storage.  They don’t take up much space and you can use them year after year.  A good first day of school activity is for the kids to decorate their individual holders.  If you’re interested in purchasing magazine holders for your homeschool, you can find them here.

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5. Create a List  This is where the true organizational discipline comes in.  Create a growing list of the file folder games you have.  Organize by grade level and skill.  This will be extremely beneficial when you are planning your homeschool for the week.  It will let you know if you already have a file folder game available or if you need to find one.

Organizing is not always a fun task.  However, it will be you best friend once the school year starts.  If you want a list of FREE websites with file folder games, head over to this post to get started.


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