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Homeschool Mom Life Binder Review

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For a work at home homeschooling mom keeping my life organized is a must!  I’ve tried many different tactics to keep home and life organized and running smoothly.  Unfortunately, many of them fall short of making my life easier.  I asked to review the Homeschool Mom Life Binder to see if I could find a better way to juggle work, home, kids, and school.  I’m so glad I asked for the review, because I probably wouldn’t have seen how amazing this resource is!

The Homeschool Mom Life Binder by Life of a Homeschool Mom is currently $14.95.  This is a special price and will run until July, 15th.

I received a copy of The Homeschool Life Binder in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

A walk through the planner…....

  • There are a variety of options you can choose to be your planner cover.  Such a great idea!
  • This is a downloadable planner, which means you can print only the pages you’ll need and you can print as many copies as you like.
  • Inside you’ll find the table of contents,a personal information page, and important dates and holidays.

homeschool mom binder


Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…….

  • We begin with monthly planning.  One calendar per page beginning with January and running through December.
  • Then you will find Weekly Planning.  This is one page with a column for everyday of the week.  It even includes a section for the meals of the day.
  • Following will lead you into the Home Management.  It begins with Meal Planning.  It includes the menu for the week, recipe cards, shopping list broken down into food categories (dairy, produce, ect….), and Our Families Favorite Foods.
  • Home Cleaning is next.  It includes a monthly calendar, weekly calendar, daily cleaning calendar, household project list, automobile maintain list, refrigeratory, freezer, and pantry inventory, babysitting information page, a pet health tracker,
  • Then is Financial Management.  This includes bills to be paid and a financial budget calendar for each month.
  • Then my favorite: Homeschooling Planning.  There are monthly homeschooling calendars, weekly planning, attendance records, grading records, field trip logs, book logs, curriculum logs, and a unit study planner.
  • Last but not least is the Personal Planner.  It includes a prayer list, personal goals, monthly fitness plan, weekly goals, and a contacts list.

mom life binder

How I Plan To Use This Planner

I’m an extremely busy mom.  Not only do I homeschool, write, create curriculum, run Facebook groups and workshops, but I also work outside of the home twice a week.  To keep the chaos out of my life I will use the monthly planning calendars to keep track of article deadlines and activities.  To keep our household organized I plan to use the menu pages to keep track of recipes, shopping list, and family favorite recipes for the month.  For household cleaning I’ll use the project list to keep tabs on what needs done around the house when I have some time to kill. The homeschooling section will be used to write down the lists of books we need, to keep track of our attendance, and mid year review.

I’m super hoping I’ll begin to use the financial budgeting planning section.  It will be one of the many disciplines I’ll have to begin again!

What I Love

I love how thorough this planner is!  There are things in here I never would have thought of to plan out!  I also like that you can print out multiple copies which means you could use this planner forever!

Wishful Thinking

I wish this planner was an editable computer file.  Since I’m on the computer so much, it would be super easy for me to pull up the planner and plug in the info on the computer.  Other than that, I think this planner has everything a busy homeschooling mother would need to get serious about organizing her life.

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