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An End To The Summer Slide

Have you heard about the summer slide?  Many children, especially struggling readers, forget what they’ve learned over the summer.  There are many different strategies to prevent this from happening, and some can not only prevent learning loss, but also bring you together as a family.   You many be excited to have some more time with your kids now that school is out and extra curricular activities are over, but what do you do to keep learning going and keep boredom at a minimum?

Keeping the learning over the summer struggle is real, folks, and you and I are at the front lines.  I haven’t thrown in the towel, but have have been finding ways to keep my kids begging for more reading time with me.  We’re reading engaging novels together and our family time has only gotten stronger.  It’s amazing how much a kid wants to read when you’re doing it together.  You can find our reading recommendations for 9-12 year olds HERE.

an end to the summer slide

We’re doing a reading literature study this summer and I had an idea.  Instead of having kids read a bunch of books by themselves, what if we actually read the books along with them?  What if we do activities and discuss the book together for our very own intimate book group?  They want more of our attention, so why don’t we give it to them?  Let’s connect by not only being interested in what they are doing, but by being a part of what they are doing!

What I propose is to be deliberate with our time together this summer.  Let’s direct our kids toward literature driven tasks and projects by integrating literature into their lives.  Let’s instill the love of reading by being a part of the actual reading process.  Let’s challenge them to read new genres and to discover new literary skills this summer.

Now I wouldn’t suggest this if I didn’t have a plan for you.  I don’t want you to have to figure this all out on your own.  I know we’re all busy, so I’m going to make this easy for you.

This is your official invitation to the Building a Bond Through Books Summer Reading Challenge.  Every week I’ll send you two emails with reading project suggestions.  You complete the challenges, then share your success on our Teacher 2 Teacher Facebook group.  The challenge will run June 6th- July 28th.  At the end of the challenge, I’ll randomly award a family for sharing their successes throughout the challenge.

summer challange

You won’t need to prepare for these projects.  You will just need to have a book to read with your child.  These won’t be projects that will turn your kids into book report haters.  These projects will be fun, worthwhile projects to help strengthen a particular reading skill.  You’ll see tasks like “Trading Card Creating” and “Picture Book Charades”.  Your kids will love reading so much they’ll beg YOU to read each day!

Would you like to join us?  Do you want to be deliberate with your time together this summer?  All you need to do is sign up below.  You’ll also receive our subscriber benefits: Free and discounted resources and weekly emails.


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