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Finding the right tools to homeschool can be overwhelming to say the least.  While our family doesn’t use a boxed curriculum, we do use supplemental tools to help promote the love of learning and to keep our academic skills sharp.  April and I have created vocabulary ELA units to help us connect all language arts skills and make it highly engaging.

Vocabulary is such an integral part of your daily instruction. Words should be interconnected into every subject and taught in a variety of ways to engage the whole child.  Activities should be fun yet rigorous.  There should be many opportunities for learners to apply vocabulary and to be exposed to high-quality oral language.  

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We missed last year’s Build Your Own Bundle Sale, so I was very excited to see they were adding more resources and included our Vocabulary ELA Packs!  There are some products in the Elementary #1 Bundle in which I am familiar, there are a few I’m wanting to learn more about – like all the history and science products.  How about you?



The Elementary Bundle #1 is one of the 15 individually themed bundles for sale at the 2016 Build Your Bundle Sale. Save 87% on this amazing bundle now through 5/23/16.

Are you ready to launch your children into a lifetime of learning? Teach your elementary aged children basic skills and core truths through easily understandable lessons and hands-on activities.

This bundle features a Cathy Duffy Top Pick Science Curriculum, Beginning Chemistry from Ellen McHenry, Master Books Complete Elementary Geo and Cultures Curriculum, American History, a Reading Journal, Unit Studies, a WriteShop Set (a $70 value), and more!

Not only are the prices already amazing at 86% – 96% off, you get a FREE bundle when you purchase 2 bundles!

For Example:

  • Purchase this bundle for your elementary aged kiddos at $40
  • Go and grab the other Elementary Bundle for $40
  • So far your total is $80. The retail value of these two bundles is $595.81!
  • Now, make it ever better and select a 3rd bundle priced $40 or under for FREE – jacking the bundle value up to over $890 for just $80 – up to 91% off!


Would your rather pick and choose what YOU want to purchase?

You Can Build Your OWN Bundles!


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