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8 Strategies To Wrap Up The End Of The Year


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This week we’re wrapping up the end of the year.  Yay!  I’ve rounded up a lot of ideas from some of the best teachers. Let’s count them down!

  1. Balloon Board Countdown

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(found on Pinterest.  Source unknown)

This idea was very popular among my teacher chat this week.  Teachers can place pieces of paper in each balloon with end of year activities such as a fun journal prompt.  Students will have to pop the balloon in order to find out the activities.  Super fun and a great visual to keep track of how many days are left of school!

Spend the last week creating your own memory book!  Students can look through pictures of activities taken throughout the year.  They can write about their favorite activities and design their own pages.  This is a great wrap up of the year and will also provide you (the teacher) with a great assessment of what was learned and what was loved!

  • Letters to New Students

This was something I used to do when I taught in the classroom.  Students are encouraged to write a friendly letter to the upcoming class.  They are to write what is expected in their new grade, what they will be learning, and what fun activities are in store for them.  These letters are saved and passed out to the new class on the first day of school.

  • End of Year Stem Activities

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 2.36.44 PM

I saw these amazing STEM activities on Instagram from Amber @ Third Grade is Fun.  Keep working on science, technology, engineering, and math while you have fun wrapping up the year!

We always had to pack up all our textbooks weeks before school was out.  Because of this we’d have fun with literature units!  This year we will read The Cay.  This will be the perfect book to go along with our Ocean unit!

  • Have A Party!


We always end the year with some sort of celebration.  The past two years my 3rd graders have written a script.  My Spanish teacher gave them a place in time (1950’s) and taught a dance to “La Bamba.”  I gave them the story “Cinderella”.  Their job was to write a 1950’s version of Cinderella.  It was perfect!  I fantastic way to use their creativity to write and to present to the parents.  Of coarse we had to have hot dogs and ice cream sodas to finish the celebration!

Use the above link to end the year with a fun math scavenger hunt!  Not only would this be a great way to get some math into your day, but also a fantastic assessment!

  • Go On A Field Trip

strawberry picking

Every May we go to the strawberry patch.  We do a small gardening unit before we go, and then end it with a trip to the strawberry patch!  The best part is coming home to make a strawberry dessert!

I hope some of these ideas help keep you motivated to to end the year strong!





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