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Activities for Chocolate Fever


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Seeing the excitement in a child’s eyes when they ask what book will be the next read aloud is one of the greatest joys for teachers and parents!  There’s nothing like seeing the delight in a child who loves to read!  After recess we always settle down to listen to a chapter from one of our favorite read alouds.  I wanted to share some activities we completed this week to help enrich our experience with the read aloud Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith.  These activities were found in an old Mailbox Magazine.

First of all we began with some prereading activities to tantalize the students with this scrumptious book.  Kids learn better when they can relate to a story.  So to begin, I asked the class if they’d enjoy having chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This activity was done with my whole class: ages 5-9.


In addition to this question I asked them to help me list some possible effects of eating too much chocolate.  {cause and effect}

Students also worked in groups to brainstorm what kind of chocolate foods they could eat for each meal.  We compiled the list onto chart paper.  My favorite was Chocolate Meat.  I think one of my first graders thought of that delicious response.  The checkmarks are when I have two of the same responses.  I want everyone to contribute to the discussion even if they have the same answer as someone else.

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Response Journals

After each chapter read, we all participated in writing in our response journals.  I would ask a question about how they would feel if one of the events happened to them, or how they felt about certain characters.  After writing I make sure to go back and read each journal.  I don’t correct, I write a response to their response.  This is very important!  Don’t worry about their spelling, punctuation, or grammar.  You can make a note of it to practice in a different activity, but DON’T CORRECT their journals.  This can make journaling stressful and unenjoyable for young learners.  Instead they get very excited to write a response because they know they’ll get to read a response from their teacher the next day.  It’s almost like getting a card in the mail!

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I was so excited to see kids going back into the story to provide examples of their answers!  These two examples were from my third graders.  First graders only wrote one sentence and 5 year olds drew pictures as their response.

Extension Activity

Food can be highly motivating for just about anyone.  But when you are talking about chocolate, kids will do just about anything!  The kids couldn’t wait to finish Chocolate Fever so we could make No Bake Cookies.

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How about a Freebie?  I thought a Cause and Effect activity was in order for this book study.  I hope you can get some use out of it.  Click the image below to DOWNLOAD.

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