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How I Teach History

Getting a child excited about history can be a challenging feat.  I’ve found a really fun way to teach history.  Creating units around historical figures really was an eye opener for me.  As I began to concentrate on the PEOPLE of history I began to see the connections of historical events.  Today I’m sharing what’s working for me this year.

First of all, I wanted to teach about a Native American tribe who lived in our region.  November was a great month to teach my kids about the Chickasaw Indians.  As I wrote out the lessons I was very intentional of making sure my students remembered the encounters with the colonists.  I included the stories of their involvement with the British as well, because I wanted to pour and set the foundation for our study on the Revolutionary War and Lewis and Clark.

Thomas Jefferson collage

In addition to the original stories about each person, I provided different activities to help lock in information.  REPETITION is a great teaching strategy as long as it’s FUN and ENGAGING!  Each packet has 3 + ways to work with the information they read.  The first several activities are stories written about the person.  They are broken down into two stories.  In between the stories  is a comprehension check.


 Thomas Jefferson

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.39.02 PM

I read with the students and talk about the information as we go.

thomas jefferson blog

thomas jefferson blog 1

thomas jefferson blog 2

Craftivities and games are included for extra practice and FUN!

thomas jefferson

thomas jefferson 1thomas jefferson blog 3

                        Chickasaw Indians


Stories and Comprehension Check

chickasaw 2

Interactive Vocabulary Notebooking

chickasaw 3


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.36.17 PM

For more details on our Chickasaw Unit you can click here!

I hope these units are helpful as you dig deep into US history!





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3 thoughts on “How I Teach History

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  2. Kierra Martens

    Hi There!
    Love your blog! It has given me so many great ideas for my kids!
    I am very interested in the Thomas Jefferson book. Is there a way to download it? I clicked on the link but it takes me to the Butterfly page (way cool!!).
    Thanks for your help!