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Thumbprint Heart Craft

I love this thumbprint heart craft I found searching through Valentine card ideas.   They are perfect for young kids to make for their friends or for their family.

thumbprint craft

You will need:

  • construction paper
  • red or pink tempera paint
  • a child’s thumb

You can do so much with this craft idea.  Since my Little Red needed to take Valentine cards to his school friends, I divided the construction paper into thirds.  This way we can cut them apart when his little thumbprints are dry.  Each third will be a card to pass out to his friends.

thumbprint heart

Use your little one’s thumbprint to make the hearts.  All they need to do is press down with their thumb slightly tilted to the left.  Then do another print overlapping the bottom of the first print thumb tilting to the right.

thumbprint heart 2

I’ll have him write his name on each card to give to his friends.  Here are some other ideas I had for using these hearts:

  • fold the construction paper in half to make one card.  Decorate with thumbprint hearts.
  • thumbprint the hearts all around the edges for a boarder
  • make it a math craft.  Have kids thumbprint a row of hearts and then use a ruler to measure the row of thumbprints.

What are some other ways you could use this craft idea?  Leave your comments below.  I need ideas for our Valentine’s party!

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One thought on “Thumbprint Heart Craft

  1. Lisa

    Such a cute idea, especially for aunts and uncles, parents, or grandparents who will want to remember “back when” someday!