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Grapevine Bible Studies Old Testament Review

I have another review for you today!  This one is on the Grapevine Bible Studies curriculum.  This is our second year using Grapevine for a total of 4 studies.  We’re finishing up the Old Testament Overview and we’re all having a great time learning and drawing together in the mornings.

Old Testament Review

I love using Grapevine because it’s easy prep and we all have fun working through the lessons.  We use the eBooks, so all I have to do is print and go!

Here’s a short video of how I use the teacher’s manual.  I hope it’s helpful!

Here’s a short video of how we use the student books.


The Method

Grapevine teaches the bible as if the children are the illustrators.  Each lesson is broken up into passages to be read.  After each scripture the students illustrate by either following along with the pictures in the teacher’s manual, or by creating illustrations of their own.  There is always much discussion as we read each passage which will occasionally inspire a more creative picture.

Materials and Prep

This is such an easy prep curriculum.  For the teacher manual, I download it and keep it on my computer.  When we begin the lessons I pull up the lesson on the computer, read aloud the scripture, and show what is to be drawn.  For The Old Testament I’ve been reading the verses out of the bible before discussing the illustrations.

For the student books, I print out the lessons and assemble them into three ring bingers.  I allow my children to use any writing utensil.  Markers and colored pencils are the most popular choices.

The Lessons

Each study begins with the lesson timeline.  This is an overview of what the students will be learning.  In The Old Testament Overview there are 12 Lessons.


Adam and Eve

The Fall

Noah and the Flood

The Tower of Babel

Section Review

Lesson Goals and Key Points





Final Review

After each lesson there are memory verses, a drawing review page, memory writing, and review questions.  You can do as little or as much as you want.  It really depends on what we have going on and how long my 5 year olds can sit still.  I love how you can use this for multi ages and the encouragement of flexibility.  What I love the most about this curriculum is my kids are getting a better way of understanding the bible history in an engaging way.

I hope this review was helpful to you!  Please feel free to ask questions.  The folks at Grapevine are super helpful and have several sample lessons you can download for free.

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Here are more lessons we have studied from Grapevine!

The Resurrection 



 I was given a complimentary copy of this product in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.




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