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Having Fun With Winter Vocabulary

If you’re planning on having fun with winter words, I think this winter themed vocabulary ELA (English Language Arts) pack will keep your lessons fun, challenging, and low-prep!  There are more activities than pictured so be sure to click here to check it out if you’re interested in vocabulary, adjectives, adverbs, comprehension, research, and writing!

winter vocabulary

I love how this pack gives so many rigorous activities to practice vocabulary and parts of speech!

winter vocabulary 1

There are so many different ways to practice vocabulary.  This will not only help with prep, but also with keeping vocabulary exercises fun!

winter vocabulary 2

winter vocabulary 3


Getting everything taught can be hard to do. We play vocabulary scoot, adjective scoot, and adverb scoot throughout the week.  The games combine vocabulary and parts of speech so there can be more than one skill practiced at a time.



For all of these activities we print out and laminate the cards.  Use these during center time by creating 5 different games to be played.  Students can rotate to each one.  The True/False Adverb sorting game could be done as a whole class before adding to your centers.  The vocabulary cards could be used by matching on a pocket chart or even set up as a memory game. winter vocabulary 4


In my experience children comprehend every subject so much more when vocabulary is practiced.  By 3rd grade texts begin to get more detailed and advanced.  Providing multiple ways to practice vocabulary is important.  It should also be fun and hands-on.  Adding vocabulary practice to your daily routine is vital to ensure the success of all students.

winter vocabulary 5

Comprehension stories with the vocabulary words embedded into them are also a great double header during the day. You can assess and teach so many skills through individual practice or small group. These stories could even be used during RTI time!

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