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Arctic Animal Highlights

Arctic Lessons

We are two weeks into January!  We’ve been doing a lot of fun lessons on Arctic animals thanks to some really great teaching blogs!  Hopefully this post will help you find some fun lessons.  Here are the highlights!



This week we started our Arctic Animal exploration with what Reagan Tunstall calls a Museum Walk.  I printed off random pictures of penguins and placed them around our activity (dining room) table.  Our activity table is covered in Rosen paper that I purchased at Home Depot.  You can read more about how I use rosen paper here.

museum walk 1

My K5 and First Grade students were encouraged to move around the table to observe each picture.  They were to write a statement or a question about each picture. For my K5 students, I wrote their sentences on the board so they could copy them onto the paper. This was a fun way to get the kids up and moving while making observations and writing!

Our next activity was to pack our bags for Antarctica!  Since our third graders are required to study about each continent this year, I made sure the third graders did a little research on Antarctica so we’d know what to pack on our trip.

antarctica 2

They learned scientists are the only people to visit Antarctica, so they made sure to pack their science equipment!  Here’s how to make them the suitcases:


  • Fold it in half.

paper 1


  • Cut the top where the halves meet to make a handle.

paper 2

  • Then cut out a hole so you can carry your suitcase around.

paper 3The kids love making these for every state, country, and continent study!

We made suitcases to hold our notes for our travels.  I printed off these great printables from Reagan’s blog.

My K5 wrote words and drew pictures of what he would take.


My first grader wrote words and then wrote a few sentences.  I made up an Antarctica Packet for my 3rd grader to help her research about Antarctica.  (You can download this packet for free below this post!)

antarctica 1


I loved this activity from Reagan!  After learning penguins had a lot of blubber to keep them warm, we decided to give it a try.  We filled a small container (purchased off of Amazon) with a small amount of water and a lot of ice.  Our goal was to get the temperature down to about 20 degrees.

Then I filled a baggie with Crisco.  I had the students put their hand into a clean baggie and then stuff their hand into the Crisco filled bag.  They plunged both hands, the Crisco (blubber) hand and their plain ole naked hand into the water.  It was easy to see the plain ole hand was freezing and the blubber hand wasn’t effected at all!

blubber experiment





blubber experiment 1








I bought these cute little Arctic animals so the kids could play around in the Arctic Ocean.  They had a blast!

arctic animals








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Click on the image below to DOWNLOAD the ANTARCTICA PACKET


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