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Teaching Essentials: Using Trade Books

When January comes along some of my favorite units of study are arctic animals and weather.

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To introduce these units I begin with a good trade book (library books)  Trade books are essential for introducing every subject in my classroom as they are a wonderful way to increase student engagement.  Any subject you teach can come alive with trade books!

Students are able to extract the important information from these books and can apply them to their studies.  Sparking their interest in a good story makes every subject a lot more interesting.

I’m excited to share my latest finds for winter studies!  These lessons will help you cover main idea, point of view, and arctic animals!  It’s reading and science all rolled up into one!

First of all I read Where Do Polar Bears Live?  This is a Let’s Read And Find Out Science book.  Plus it’s a Stage 2 book which means my 3rd graders have no problem reading it themselves.

Then I tied in a main idea lesson by listing a main idea and the supporting details.  This was such a cute idea from Mrs. Richardson’s Class.

winter books 2

To introduce Point of View by still keeping a winter theme I read Snow Day.

snow day

This great idea came from Collaboration Cuties. Be sure to click on the image above to take you to the pin!  Great Freebies to go along with the book!

I can’t wait to get into weather and Martin Luther King Jr. next week!

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