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How I Teach Sight Words

During my Christmas break I’ve seen a lot of questions about teaching sight words.  I’ve been thinking about this topic myself lately as I’ve been working on assessing my first graders.  I think since sight words are such a hot topic in first grade, I thought it was blog post worthy!

Sight Word Games

Every morning I set up games for my students to play based on their needs.  We play these for about 10-15 while we wait for late students and as everyone gets settled for the day.  I’ve been setting up this fun sight word tick tack toe for my first graders and they are loving it!  This is a fantastic way to get some extra sight word practice.  Plus it’s fun!

sight word tic tac toe

I just print off and laminate a whole list of sight words.  Then I make a tic tac toe board.  Each player chooses a color.  Player one picks up a card.  If they can read it they put their counter on a square.  Player two does the same thing.  The object is to get three in a row just like tic tac toe.

Sight Word Groups

During RTI (response to intervention) I work on these sight word booklets with my groups needing extra reinforcement.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 8.53.42 PM

After assessing my first graders, I chose the most missed sight words.  I then started creating little work booklets for each word.  Each student has their own book to match their individual needs.  This way every student can move at their own pace.

sight word reading

Sight Word Centers

During RTI I also include centers for those who finish early.  A lot of time centers include sight word activities.

First Grade Fridays 3 & 4 1 Sight Word Assessment

Towards the end of a grading period I can reassess students.  Those who have gained 10 extra words earn a reward from our special reward list ( 20 min. of free computer time, sit at the teacher desk for the day, use smelly markers all day) and those who know the whole list gets a pizza lunch!  This is a huge motivator for them!

Here are some pins I’m thinking about trying soon:

winter sight words

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winter sight words 2

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winter sight words 3

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Click the image below to try out the Sight Word Booklet!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 8.47.57 PM






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