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How I Teach Math Skills

This past month I’ve added a new element to my First Grade math work: Morning Spiral Math.

This idea was something I used for homework with my First Graders in the public school classroom.  It was shared with me by another teacher, and it was an eye opener for me.  I thought it was blog post worthy of sharing how this 5-10 minute activity can keep math skills fresh   all year long.

teaching math

Once a skill is introduced to the students it is included in a morning math warm up.  For example, I introduced equivalent addition problems towards the end of November.  Every morning I would write a couple of true or false equivalent addition problems on the board for the students to solve.  When I introduced place value, I began to add them to the morning exercises as well.

teaching math 1

As we begin to work on more skills the amount of problems every morning will increase.  There will be one problem for each skill we have learned.

teaching math 2

To help practice these skills during our math block we also use math journals.  I’ve created a math journal page to go along with each skill.  These pages are very interactive and have allowed me to see if they are grasping the concept of each skill.  All I have to do is print out the pages for each student and make sure they have scissors and glue.  I also allow students to color and decorate their pages when they’re done to add another fun element to the exercise.

teaching math 3

Another thing that is fun for the kids is to print the journal pages off on colored paper.  My kids love working on these pages and often thank me for creating them just for them!  They are also great for cutting practice.

teaching math 4


teaching math 6

I also make sure I have manipulatives ready to go in case students need them to solve their journal page problems.  I just keep all the manipulatives in the math tub so students are free to grab them if needed.

teaching math 8

All of the journal page pictures come from the 2nd Math Journal Pages Set.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 9.53.54 PM

If you want more than one set you can get a semester bundle at a lower price!

First Semester math journals

Teachers are loving these products and are saying they are great to not only use as math journals, but also as additional skill practice.

How are you teaching math?  Are you doing spiral review and math journals?