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Sight Word Activity Booklets

This time of year I’m assessing and reflecting on teaching strategies for my K-3rd grade learners.    I want to have a game plan to really hone in on skills my kiddos are having trouble mastering before we come back from Christmas break.

One of the areas I want to concentrate are sight words.  I’ve been working on ways to make sight words stick for some of my struggling first graders.

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I wanted a booklet that contained activities for my first graders to work on through the week during our RTI time.  So after researching some of the best ways to learn sight words, here’s what I have put together.


After introducing the sight word “not”, pass out the “not” sight word booklet.

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I included a phonics element to the booklets to help my struggling readers decode words.  This will help with word families and spelling words that sound the same.  Identify the vowel in the word, and then find other words that rhyme.  What is the vowel in this word?  What does the short o sound like?  What other words sound like this word?

These little booklets were just what my struggling readers needed!  After just a few minutes discussing the short o and rhyming words my students were able to tell me the word!  This was not happening before I started using these.  When I would ask them to say the word they would have forgotten it in just a few seconds.  Not only does this booklet help with phonics, it also helps with spelling.

stamp sight word booklet

The next day we revisited the word.  This time we did a little word work.  We listed how many letters, vowels, consonants, and syllables were in the word.  We also read rhyming words.  By this time I had students read simple sentences with the word “not”.  If they could read the word in context, then I knew the word was starting to stick!

sight word reading

By this time we’re ready to move on to another sight word.  Students are very eager to move on and feel confident in their success!  Pretty soon they’ll start checking off all the sight words they know.

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Students are loving completing these little booklets!  They’re making connections with the word work and hands on activities.  The best part is they only take about 5-10 minutes a day to complete!

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