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17 Life Hacks To Free Up Your Weekends

Life is crazy busy.  We’re living in the time where moms strive to do it all.  When school’s in session my week can leave me in a whirlwind. Weekends can end up anything but relaxing.

But, fear not!  There are ways to do less housekeeping and running around on the weekends: simple Life Hacks.

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Best Life Hacks

1.  The Early Bird Gets the Worm- I’m not going to sugar coat it for you.  If you want to get more done during the day, you’ve got to get up early.  I mean get up at least two hours before your kids.  This may mean going to bed earlier.  Or, if your prime time to get things done are in the evening, spend at least two hours doing projects after the kids go to bed.  Read Money Saving Mom’s post about getting up early.

2. Have a Morning Routine– When you get up you may not hit the ground running.  Make sure you have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book, devotions and prayer, or whatever you like before starting laundry and making breakfast.  Check out Flylady’s routines.  They could save your life!

3. Your Kids Need Routines– Don’t let your kids get up and go sit in front of the tv in their pjs.  If you have a routine they need one, too. Here are 12 routine charts you can try.

4. Bathroom Upkeep– Using the Flylady method, be sure to wipe down the sinks and toilets every morning after you brush your teeth.

5. Assign Tasks to the Children- Don’t do it all yourself.  Most children are old enough to do the laundry, fold clothes, empty wastebaskets, ect.  Make this part of their daily routine. See the FREE printable at the end of this post.

6. Make Easy to Prepare and Easy to Clean Up Meals–  On Sundays I don’t want to be bothered by the kitchen.  The crockpot is my best friend!  Set aside a few minutes each day to find easy meals for your family. Quick dinner clean up checklist.

7. Find a Food Service– Every weekend I order soups from a lady in town who caters to busy families.  It makes dinner a snap on Mondays. (which is my busiest day of the week)I  write this into our grocery budget.

8. Kitchen Clean Up- Require every family member to take care of their own clean up.  Everyone scrapes their plate, puts it in the dishwasher or washes it.  Assign jobs to kids such as dishwasher, dryer, table clearer, surface wipe down, or sweeper.  See if you can Beat the Clock.

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9.Room Maintenance– To keep your home looking neat at all times, make sure every surface is clear.

10. Double Up Errands– Moms are often away from the house to take kids somewhere throughout the week.  If you’re going to be close to where you need to make an errand (library, grocery store, bank) go ahead and swing by there on the way home from dance class, gymnastics, or soccer practice.  It will tremendously free up your weekends.

11. Room Checks- A couple of times throughout the day assign a Room Check.  This is where you assign each kid a room and set the timer for 5 minutes.  Have them rush around the room picking up out of place items.  Then take a picture of the room and compare it to a room in a magazine.  Kids often need a model to follow!

12. Laundry Woes– As Flylady suggests, do a load every day.  Sometimes I do two loads since I have a family of 5.  Start it in the morning and then reboot after breakfast.  Assign kids to fold it and then put it away together as a family.

13. Shoe Clutter– Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a shoe store!  Have a designated place for everyday shoes.  Only one pair for each person!  Once a day (usually in the morning for me) grab a laundry basket and go around the house picking up shoes.  Then have everyone put their own shoes away.

14. Pantry Bins– Last year I organized my pantry into bins.  Make sure you have a place for bread, paper products, snacks, spices, ect.. so when kids are making their own meals or snacks they can easily locate their food items.  Encourage them to put it back!

15. DIY Ikea Shelving– For toys, dress up clothes, art supplies, craft supplies, games, puzzles, ect… This works great to keep everything together and off the floor!

16. Music– Play upbeat music while you’re picking up a room and try to finish before the song is over.  You can call this Musical Rooms.  When the song is over, switch to a different room.

17. House Plants- When you’re picking up half filled water glasses from around the house  use the leftover water to water your plants.

18. Hire Someone- If you can squeeze it into the budget, sometimes you just need someone else to tackle what you can’t get done during the day.  Hiring a cleaning service has been worth the money spent to keep my sanity!


Here is one if you’re paying your kids by their chores.

Here’s a Chore By Age list to help with assigning chores.


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  1. Stephanie

    I love this list! My kids vary in age from 1-9 so not all the tasks you have for kids they can do yet, but at least my oldest can.

    Thanks for sharing this on my linky party!