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Fall Explorers

One of my all time favorite ways to celebrate a new season is to do a thematic unit on it!

fall explores

My kids adore scavenger hunts, so I made sure I had one ready for the first activity of this fall unit.

fall explores 1


My first graders are just beginning to learn to write.  One of the most enjoyable ways to write is to write to a friend.   I chose to have the kids write a goodby letter to summer to show how to write a FRIENDLY LETTER.  It’s always a great idea to start with a little brain storming.

fall explores 2

Because my third graders are already familiar with this I added a compare and contrast lesson to their writing.  The goal was to include how summer and fall are similar and different.

I also included a writing craftivity.  My kids love art projects, so I had them paint a fall tree and add cheerios for the bark.  Then they wrote questions they had about fall on acorns.  They are now on our class bulletin board.

fall vocabulary 5

Fall is also a great time to get out and explore your senses.  This was a great way to introduce the senses to my K5 kids and to have my older kids turn it into a poem.  (Plus it got us outside exploring, which is always my goal for any kind of unit!)

fall explores 3


I included a few games into the unit.  Third grade is working on multiplication, so I prepared a little file folder game so they could practice their multiplication 2’s and 3’s in the morning before lessons began.

fall vocabulary 6


Several years ago, I came up with a fun song about fall.  We still sing it every year!  I used it with my first graders  in a fall poem.  My K5 students circled the color words and drew a picture to illustrate.

fall explores 5

If you’re looking for this unit you can find it here.

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Or here!

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