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Back To School Theme

Whether we like it or not, Back to School began this month for most of us.  I’ve always loved the first couple of weeks of school because we have a fresh start with fun Back to School themes.  Whether your child is homeschooled or in a traditional school, Back to School can be a fun time for us all.  Today I’m sharing a Back to School theme that can help your school year get started.

Back To School Super Sleuth Unit!

Back to School Theme collage


1.) In the classroom or home, kids need a fun activity to get the year started.  A fun Scavenger Hunt can provide not only excitement but also some movement and activity!

This was such a fun activity from our Back to School Super Sleuth unit.  I wish I could’ve captured their excitement on camera!  Since I have such a small class with only two readers, I did this as a whole group activity.  Before the kids came to school I hid the clue cards in their appropriate places.  I also provided each student with a magnifying glass for a prop to carry around with them.

back to school 1

Another great thing about this activity is that each clue has a vocabulary word that will be studied for the first few weeks of the year.  The third graders had to use context clues to figure out the meaning of the word.  This was our favorite activity for the day!

back to school 2

2.) If you have a trench coat and detective style hat, dressing them up and taking detective pictures is a must!  Picture taking on the first day of school is very popular.  This year I made “Just The Facts” signs for each student to hold during their detective photo shoot.

back to school 4

3.) We all want our kids to have more vocabulary.  These vocabulary maps are a fantastic way to engage kids in learning their vocabulary words.

back to school 3

4.) This was a great hands on activity to ensure kids could not only read the vocabulary words, but knew how to break them up in syllables.

back to school 7

5.) Want to check comprehension skills?  Why not read fun mystery stories to use as an assessment.

back to school 8

6.) If you have a couple of magnifying glasses laying around this activity is another fun assessment.  I was able to see I needed to review consonants and compound words.

back to school 5

7.) Understanding place value is a crucial math skill.  3rd Grade Thoughts has a great activity to practice place value with your word work!

8.) Need a hands on activity for parts of speech?  Do it with your vocabulary words!  Our Super Sleuth unit has a fun way to make sure we understand the meaning of our words and parts of speech!

back to school 9

9.) Learning to read fluently is HUGE! Reader’s Theater is the perfect way to practice this.  Kids are always much more engaged when they are acting out a story.

10.) Kids usually need more than one activity to help with a skill.  One way to practice parts of speech is to use mad libs.

11.) If your kids aren’t into writing, planning and writing a mystery is a great way to start writing a narrative.  Mysteries are exciting and they’re a great start to get kids’ imaginations (and a pencil) working.

back to school 10

12.) Teaching kids vocabulary words can be fun with this fun Vocabulary Scoot.

back to school 11

13.) Vocabulary needs to be practiced in multiple ways.  Try a using a crossword puzzle!

14.)  Try a Miss Nelson is missing activity.  My Pinterest board is full of them!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 6.13.08 AM

You can click on the image below to download your own Back to School Super Sleuth Unit!

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