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First Grade Fridays: Weeks 1 & 2

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Happy Friday everyone!  I’m beginning a First Grade blog series this year for my little Pixie!

This year we are beginning every morning with their Daily Calendar Notebooks.  The first week I copied the first couple of pages and modeled along with my first graders how to fill in the notebook pages.  This has served as our calendar time over the last few weeks.  By the second week my Pixie was beginning to fill it in on her own.

first grade fridays11

first grade fridays12




Poetry Notebooks-  We began the first week of school with a piece of poetry.  The students highlighted sight words and drew pictures of themselves.

first grade fridays13

first grade fridays14




Math Tubs- During the first weeks of school I like to introduce our math tubs.  Students are allowed to experiment with the different type of manipulative we will use for math during the school year.

first grade fridays15




first grade fridays19


first grade fridays18

Flow Maps- We use a lot of graphic organizers throughout the year and I like to introduce them one at a time.  The first day of school we constructed a Good Morning Flow Map.  This was a good way to introduce the map and our routine for the morning.


Letters and Sounds- One of the great things about homeschooling is you don’t have to conduct a bunch of assessments at the beginning of the year to see where your child is academically.  Because I knew my Pixie needed more review on her ending sounds, I found a printable to help her out with that.

first grade fridays113

Another fun way to practice sounds is by using magnetic letters.  We practiced our middle vowel sounds last week.

first grade fridays116

Math Craftivities- I found the cutest math creativity called Math About Me.  I was pleased with all the math intertwined into this fun activity.

first grade fridays16

All About Me Bags- Kids love show and tell!  The first day of school I gave each student a brown paper bag with instructions to bring it back with four items.  Everyone had a great time showing off their treasures!

first grade fridays115

All About Me Flipbooks– This cute first week of school activity is from Reagan Tunstall.  The kids enjoyed making it and it turned out really cute when put together.

first grade fridays117


first grade fridays110


first grade fridays111

Watermelon Science– The highlight of the first week was Watermelon Science!  We explored the scientific method by using a watermelon!  Students asked questions, made hypothesis, and conducted experiments to come to conclusions about this watermelon.

Oh yeah, the watermelon was consumed too!

first grade fridays118


Math Journals– This year I created Math Journal pages to use as our math curriculum.  The first day was a success!

first grade fridays17

Phonemic Awareness- This Match a Sound is from Lakeshore.  We used the Ending Sound game because they already have the beginning sounds down!

first grade fridays114

Clifford Packet– I was so glad to have this available this week.  We read a couple of Clifford books, worked on sight words, filled in a Clifford writing graphic organizer, and made a Clifford craft!

first grade fridays112

Daily 5– We are reading when we have a bit of downtime.  Biscuit books are a great series for first graders!


How’s your first weeks going?  Anyone struggling?  I was exhausted the first week and am starting to get my energy back.  Let’s encourage one another!



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