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K5 Learning

K5 Learning

Hi everyone!  We’re back into the swing of school and I’m starting a K5 Learning series every week!  Today we’re going to take a peek into what these young learners have been doing for their first week back to school.  Right now my K5 students do a few reading lessons with the first graders, but also a few lessons on learning their alphabet through animals!

#1 Morning Work

Like everyone else, my K5 students start off with a bit of morning work.  This week they had

  1.  a coloring page and “This is What I Look Like Today” page from Fun With Firsties.  This was just a fun activity to begin the school year.
  2. a Moses lesson from Grapevine Bible Studies.  This curriculum is great for kids ages 4 and up.  There are tracing pages for the kids to trace as I read the bible verses aloud.  You can read more on how we use these here.
  3.  Alphabet Matching puzzle.  My K5 students just about have all their upper and lower case letters down.  Morning work is a very short time to practice skills that need a little more review.


k5 morning work wm


#2 Daily Calendar Notebooks

These calendar notebooks are a great way to practice days of the week and number sense.  My K5 learning includes the preschool version of Erica’s Calendar Notebooks.  I just copied them from her site, put the printouts in page protecters and added them to a three ring binder.

daily math notebook K5


The kiddos just use a dry erase marker on them every day so I don’t have to make any more copies throughout the year.

K5 math manipulatives

We also spent a day exploring our math manipulatives.  The K5 learners love to use the snap cubes and pattern blocks!

math manipulatives 2

#3 Handwriting

We practiced writing sticks on handwriting paper.  Then we practiced making those sticks into lower case t’s.  I encourage them to begin at the top of the line and to carry the line all the way down to the bottom line.

handwriting K5

#4 Reading

We read ABC Animal Jamboree this week.  Then they drew a picture of their favorite animal.

animal drawing

#5 Sight Words

I introduced the sight word I.  I have a few classroom Kindergarten workbooks given to me by a friend.  I’m using them as little readers for my K5 learning this year.

Dillon sigt word I


Here are a few other things my K5 learners did this week along with my older learners.

  • Decorating Reading boxes for Daily 5 
  • Name Glyph
  • All About Me Show and Tell Bags
  • Watermelon Science

And that’s what my K5 kiddos were up to this week!  What fun things are you doing with your PreK/Kindergartener this year?   Leave you comments below!



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